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Recluse is a simple question-answering tool you can use to tell stories with unexpected twists, or as drop-in replacement for the oracle in your favorite GM emulator.  This is a one-page PDF version of the tool you can print for reference and share with friends. You can also find the full text in this blog post.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorGraven Utterance
GenreRole Playing
Tagsoracle, solorpg, Tabletop role-playing game


Recluse v1.0.pdf 42 kB


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Thank you so much for that "Oracle"!! =)

This is so elegant, Thankyou for sharing 👍


Hi, I think I already told you about this. I made a business-card version. Like this, it is CC-BY 4.0.

A pretty solid, simple and straightforward engine.


Hello. I translated your tool into Spanish. I want to give you my translation for free, I didn't sign it. I am writing you just in case you like to use it. I like so much your amazing system. I would like to know how can I send you my .pdf and .odt files.

This is great!  I love how you've done away with the table style set up I have in so1um and integrated the resolution into a single roll. Fantastic work!


I integrated this oracle in my expanded version of so1um rules (giving the credit to you of course!) Hope that doesn’t bother you!


No problem at all, thank you! Do you have your expanded version of so1um posted anywhere?


Sure! You can find it on my page, I called it so1um enhanced



This is so visually elegant. Makes it ultra easy to determine an outcome without breaking my train of thought, and without exiting my immersion.

Thanks for such a clean and easy tool.


Thanks! Glad you find it useful.


Thanks for the update! This is one of my absolute favorite oracle systems😊

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Thank you!